Newborn Photography

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عکاسی نوزاد

Newborn Photography in Photozoya Studio

Everyday Matters

The best age for photographing a sleeping baby is between 5 days to 12 days and the

body is more prepared to take the figure beacuse baby’s muscles are flexible.

Baby colic usually appears after 12 days of birth and newborn sleep is very heavy in these days.We can take family pictures with your newborn as well.  these moments are beautiful, precious and unrepeatble. Simplicity and taking good care of your is our first priority. Even a sweet smile in a simple background is timeless.

۲۵ to 50 Days Old Babies

We will definitely take pictures of your babies who are 25 days old in the Photo Zoya Studio, but the chance of taking pictures in the sleeping position is really low

Trust Us & Remain Calm

We encourage you to be relaxed and trust us with your babies. We try to take photos in supine position and wrap them in soft and furry fabrics unless the baby prefers to lay flat or doesn’t contract his/her muscles.




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