Advertising & Industrial

Advertising & Industrial Photography

Advertising and industrial photography are two branches of professional photography which aim at introducing an industrial product or certain brand for the purpose of advertisement or simply for raising the product’s sale rate. This way, the product looks attractive or special to the eyes of the visitor, gets fixed in his mind and that’s how the introduction process is fulfilled. The customer and the orderer’s taste is also taken into account, but the photographer’s idea, creativity and professional skills and techniques of advertising photography play the first role. Unlike what most people assume, such photography is pretty time-consuming, costly and technical.

Unfortunately, unlike other countries which have realized the importance of advertising investment, many large companies and popular brands in Iran don’t usually tend to employ the experts of this field and they usually spend little money on visual advertisements of their products. That’s why –at least about inner products- we have remained rather unknown in the world of industrial packaging and advertisement.

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