About our Studio

Why Zoya Photo Studio?

Prior to the commercial look at the concept of photography, Zoya Studio staff consider artistic principles of any kind of portrait photography; the policy of Zoya Studio has always been based on improving the quality of its products in terms of enhancement and creativity. This has made many people who value artistic photographs and look for more special and different works become constant customers of the studio.

The Level of Artistic Improvement is our Concern

In order to improve the artistic level of Zoya Photography Studio’s projects, we have attempted to organize all the design and preparation of the photography atmospheres, locations, backdrops, costumes and decorations; their combination follows the learned principles of visual arts, experience and former artistic activities of Zoya Studio in many different fields. When one compares the atmosphere in the photos by Zoya Photography Studio with the works of the other child photography studios, one can find nothing like cliché, doll organization techniques in Zoya Studios photographs.

Realizing Children’s Spirits is an Experimentally Important Element as an Artistic Principle.

When it comes to child and baby photography in Zoya Children Photo Studio, an experimental understanding of children’s spiritual features, taking care of their health and sanitation in the studio and taking beautiful photos supported by proper lighting, form and color combination, harmony and the rest of artistic principles are seriously taken into account. That’s why many special and constant customers from all over Iran come to Zoya Studio and this has always made us feel proud and pleased enough to get more energy and insist on the studio’s policies and principles.

Concentrating on Some Notable and Relevant  Parameters Leads to a Certain Specialty.

Another professional principle considered by Zoya Photo Studio is that it has always managed to focus on fields of portrait photography like child, pregnancy and parents (family photography) more than the rest in order to give more efficient services to the customers and develop the sense of special creativity; jumping from one field of photography to another spoils the skill of the photographer. However, Zoya Photo Studio believe that since nowadays people’s minds and ideas have become close to each other, it is unavoidable to disregard creative imitations in photography.

Designing Special Atmospheres is of Great Importance.

Zoya Photo Studio has spent a remarkable amount of time and money to design many various locational decors, especially wooden ones, for different age groups including babies and children. In addition, the studio benefits from prepared and computerized backdrops.

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